Are You A World Class Innovator?

During the past week serving client SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) at the imX (Interactive Manufacturing Experience) in Las Vegas, I had the good fortune to listen to Day 3 keynote speaker and global futurist Jim Carroll who discussed what world class innovators do that others don’t to take advantage of future opportunities (including those in the business world).

Such innovators, he says:

*Put things into perspective – avoiding “doomsday scenarios” that get in the way of thinking and decision making. Instead they focus on opportunity with a realistic few of what’s really going on in the world.

*Aren’t afraid to think boldly – exploring and putting forth ideas that may be ahead of their time but are founded in solid, creative thinking.

*Reframe the concept of innovation – constantly challenging themselves by asking how you can run your organization better, grow the business and transform the business.

• Challenge and redefine the concept of process – always aiming for agility and adaptability in the marketplace.

Next time: Carroll’s perspectives on structure and the next generation of professionals in the workforce.