Reading, Writing & No 'Rithmetic

As we all prepare to return to work tomorrow, I hope you had a significant and enjoyable holiday break. I know we did.

Though Tanner Friedman has been fortunate to remain incredibly busy and our agency continues to grow as we enter Year 3, we gave our staff the option between December 19 and today, to work from home (or not work at all during that period); as long as client needs were served.

We all did end up working here and there but the time off, I found, was incredibly refreshing; affording the opportunity to rest, reflect on 2008 and prepare for the new year.

What a pleasure to have time to finish one book, start and finish a second and put a dent in a third. I was also able to set aside significant hours to amend and update my book, “No Static,” originally published in late 2005. Stay tuned for more on that.

And, our outstanding Controller, Kim Higgins, made sure, as always, that all financials were taken care of and in good standing. Talk about piece of mind.

I know Matt joins me in saying: Thanks for your support over the past two years. We are looking forward to more great opportunities, collaborations and successes for all of us in 2009. We’re back at it in the morning!