Work/Life Balance = Life/Work Balance

It’s interesting. When we think about or talk about maintaining a work-life balance, it often has to do with our making sure we are taking time off of work to relax and smell the roses – even if you love your job.

I would offer that it is just as interesting when we look to our job for a distraction or mental break from life’s ‘out of office’ curve balls and an opportunity for accomplishment and achievement.

To be sure, life is full of surprises, challenges, joys and, often, severe hardships. And when the going gets tough sometimes it can be comforting to go to work – work that brings satisfaction to you and value to your clients.

True balance takes real effort, and yet can bring great perspective. It’s important to examine this dynamic from time to time in order to to really walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

I said in a recent speech that I firmly believe at this point in my life and career that “Life is about moments – special moments with special people.” We have to find and embrace those moments and the people within them, wherever and whenever they may be.