Apple: Right Message, Wrong Time

By now, you know that Apple cut the price on the I-Phone, less than two months after customers camped out as if Elvis had really been found alive and a one-night-only comeback show’s tickets were on sale.

Companies have to make business decisions, based on sales – we, as PR people, get that. But, in this case, as with so many companies, decision-making was insular and Apple apparently never saw the outcry coming. This issued this statement, and a good one, to customers irked because they paid more, just weeks ago.

But, Apple should have been proactive and put out the statement initially as part of their price cut messaging, not after the Internet buzzed with complaints. We work to encourage our clients to get in front of communicating with their customers. We seek to provide outside perspective to help our clients anticipate public reaction. The companies that can stay in “tune” with their customers, or even a step ahead of them, save themselves from having to write a “mea culpa” like that attributed to Mr. Jobs.