Blogging For Beginners

url-2My colleagues and I speak quite often to a range of business, industry and chamber groups on the topic of social media.  Do we consider ourselves social media “experts?” Hardly.  In fact, I am of the opinion that there is no such thing and that individuals who bill themselves as such are misrepresenting fact.  Social media is changing and evolving daily. And while many of us adeptly utilize best practices and various tools of the trade, can anyone truly master a continually moving target?

That said, we both counsel and manage a range of social media components and campaigns on behalf of both our clients and our agency. And, whether getting new initiatives started or, again, serving as guest speakers on the topic at various gatherings, we find a few typical questions are often asked regarding blog topics and frequency.

Q: What should I blog about?

A: In order to build both a personal and a professional brand, it is advisable to blog about subjects that are both germane to your business as well as topics close to your heart.  For instance, I like to write not only about communications issues but also about pop culture and music; the latter albeit typically with a marketing slant.

Q: How often should I blog on my Web site?

A: We typically recommend at least once a week so that (a) the prospect of maintaining such a regular schedule is not too daunting and (b) you are continuing to upload new content to your site; key to attracting search engine “bots” who seek out and rate continually updated sites higher in the rankings.

Q: What if I can’t think of anything to blog about?

A: In recent days after averaging no fewer than 1-2 blogs a week for more than 3 years, I found myself both too busy and without a topic I felt passionate enough to write about. So, I took a break.  In turn, that break provided the impetus to think more about the business of blogging in general, which, in turn led to this latest edition.

So, if you haven’t already, get your bloggin’ started and stick with it.  In all likelihood you’ll already be ahead of your competition while engaging others in dialogue and thought.