Credit Where Credit Is Due

Sometimes, it’s easy to criticize “the media.” And quite often, it’s also deserved.

But, now, it’s time to applaud good reporting – real journalism – that has led to the apparent demise of Detroit’s Mayor. I would post links, but there are too many to post, of Kwame Kilpatrick violating his bond, being sent to jail and being charged with assault. It’s all part of a scandal that became apparent in January, because of the reporting of the Detroit Free Press.

I’m quoted in a Detroit News story today, highlighting the reporting of WXYZ-TV’s Steve Wilson, who had to inform a District Court Judge that the Mayor violated the terms of his bond (the Mayor failed to do that himself, which landed him behind bars). I have written that TV news has a credibility problem, for many reasons. So this evidence of journalism comes at an opportune time for the industry.

While he was begging for his freedom in a courtroom yesterday, Kilpatrick once again pointed a finger at “the media” for “scrutiny” that is causing him stress. If he doesn’t like scrutiny, he should have followed court orders. Really, if he can’t handle scrutiny, he shouldn’t have sought public office. Media scrutiny, protected by the First Amendment, is one of the most positive attributes of American society. May it survive the transformational changes affecting news outlets in this country.