Golden Rule Should Be Set In Stone

A former colleague at another place of business used to ask the question:
“How can we make this the best place to work for our employees?” Though it would seem to be common sense, I answered each time: “Treat them the right way every day.” Unfortunately, this was not the “creative” idea this person was seeking and common sense was ignored.

Though I was taught the “golden rule” as a grade schooler, today I find it is too often lacking in a corporate world more concerned with the bottom line. Yet, effective internal communications and the proper treatment of employees—namely, empowerment, mutual respect and career pathing—are just as important to a company’s future.

Just compare Wal-Mart, with its low wages, union struggles and endless employee lawsuits and Metro Detroit newcomer Google and its creative atmosphere, team approach and opportunities for career advancement. Guess which company has scores of individuals clamoring to be a part of their culture and growing organization?

Is your organization growing and thriving or is it beset by constant employee turnover and client attrition? If it is the latter, it might be time to look inward.