If 2007 is any indication, 2008 should be a very Happy New Year

I know I join Matt in saying we could not have asked for a more incredible 2007. When, on January 2nd, we opened the doors of Tanner Friedman, we were both optimistic and enthusiastic. I’d also be lying if I said there was not some trepidation. Today, just a few days short of our one-year anniversary, our optimism and hopes have been realized many times over.

As this year comes to a close, there is much to be thankful for:

• We have been able to create a firm and an environment that provides real value to our clients while fostering creativity, teamwork and a true career path for our colleagues

• We have had the good fortune to reconnect with old colleagues and friends and see many, many of them transition to new and more rewarding career paths

• We have been able to involve ourselves with a wide range of meaningful non-profit, professional and business organizations that allow us to “give back” and make a tangible difference in the community while building new and important relationships

• Our website and blogs continue to gain popularity and thousands of visitors each month

From the very beginning through to today, work is fun again.

At the core of it all, as always, is people. We have been so fortunate, this past year, to once again interact and partner with colleagues, friends, clients and business associates—at all times with honesty, integrity and mutual respect, unencumbered. It had been far too long.

Happy Holidays from Tanner Friedman!