JJ & Lynn Shine Light on Larger Medium Issue

Though I know and respect all of those involved in this particular issue and, as such, must tread carefully, I feel compelled to provide a brief commentary if for no other reason than to try put it all into a particular context.

Former WCSX morning show co-host Lynn Woodison last week filed a lawsuit against Greater Media alleging a range of misconduct by her former employer, including not acting on evidently inappropriate interplay between coworkers. Reaction, via online forums and social media sites, has run the gamut, from jeers to cheers. Detractors detect sour grapes while supporters are pleased to see someone sticking up for what they believe is right.

Setting the drama aside, for me, all of this once again shines a sad spotlight on the fact that two more talented, long time, Detroit radio legends are off-the-air. Even Greater Media would have to admit that, from a ratings and fan following standpoint, letting the duo go last November was ill-advised. And while it has been great hearing them fill in for Purtan on WOMC, the fact that, after more than a year, JJ & Lynne are not broadcasting regularly somewhere is a sad commentary on terrestrial radio in this town.

Unfortunately, it is a continuing and alarming trend (Arthur P; Stoney & Wojo; Chris Edmonds; Tom Ryan; Gene Maxwell). And though I have said it before it bears repeating over and over and over: Radio is a medium that demands live and local, true personality and long-term continuity. It’s what makes the medium truly stand apart from others—including satellite and iPods. And while desperate times, it can be argued, demand desperate measures in order to improve bottom lines, throwing such talent out with the proverbial bath water is not the answer because in the end, nobody wins.