Olberman and Patrick a Treat—On NBC

Several weeks ago I ranted about how, in recent years, one almost needs a program to keep track of which national TV network broadcasts which professional football conference.

Granted, I don’t follow sports like I did as a kid in the 70s—a time CBS meant NFC, and, as for ESPN? Cable TV had not been invented yet.

Watching football this evening on NBC (not ESPN—darn, I was getting used to that) I came upon an unexpected treat at halftime—Keith Olberman and Dan Patrick doing highlights together.

I know, I know. They’ve been on “Football Night in America” all season; but, in case you’ve been doing other things on Sunday nights (perhaps channel searching for the game) and were not aware of the reunion, check ‘em out.

Hearing the two former desk mates going back and forth on the day’s top plays, it suddenly felt like ‘old times’ again.