People…People Who (Don't) Need People…

If you follow the Tanner Friedman blogs and/or look over our values, you know we feel strongly that any organization is only as good as its people. As such, these individuals should be treated with mutual respect, mentored, cultivated, celebrated. When new people come onboard, we have written, promote them, including a timely press release and getting their web bio online.

In recent days, I came across the updated website of a local firm. This particular company subscribes to a different set of values where its professionals are involved and has experienced very high attrition over the years. Their answer to improving morale? List only upper management on its new site.

Perhaps, (and I’m asking here) this solution saves the web host the trouble of continually updating a revolving door personnel section (?) I would argue these are the actions of a company that does not properly value its people and, if history is any indication, never will.