"Print" Outlets Seize Blog Opportunities

We’re telling Tanner Friedman clients that there’s a new “prime time” in media.

For newspapers, it used to be first thing in the morning. For radio, it was the ride to work. For TV, it was after dinner. Online, though, it’s now during the workday, when millions of people are in front of their computers and/or on their wireless devices.

Today, during historic hearings by Michigan’s Governor considering the removal of Detroit’s Mayor, two “print” outlets used the Internet medium exceptionally well and captured many eyeballs in the process.

In addition to streaming video of the proceedings and straight news coverage, updated constantly, both Crain’s Detroit Business and the Detroit Free Press each let a reporter blog. These were real blogs – that lent both personality, perspective and on-the-scene reporting bring value to their audiences.

Crain’s readers got to enjoy some of reporter Bill Shea’s personality, generally not a part of their “just the facts” reporting. Count me in as someone who would enjoy more of “Bill being Bill.”

The Free Press’ Jim Schaefer, who will hopefully share some sort of award with his colleague M.L. Elrick for their examplary reporting all year on the Mayoral scandal, also was able to provide first person accounts, doing what blogs should do best.

At one time, traditional outlets were roundly criticized for not “getting” the strengths of new media. A new day appears to be upon us, at least in the Detroit market.