“Spaceman” Reminds Us To Be Present – Whether Here or Across the Universe

Every day we look for equilibrium between ambition, achievement and work realities, and family, loved ones and life in general. It’s the good old-fashioned “work-life balance” and we are reminded of it anew with the new Netflix sci-fi movie “Spaceman.”

I won’t get into any particular detail on the film other than it stars Adam Sander on a multi-month space mission and Carey Mulligan as his wife. The relationship is fragile after years of repeated separations to the stars.

It’s a study in and a reminder of selflessness vs selfishness. Self-importance vs. shared goals. And the vital importance of on-going two-way communication with loved ones– those who are often collateral damage in our quest for career success. It’s also about being present when you are so.

Of course, this is all easier said than accomplished and often depends mightily on the flexibility of a particular job or career path. I recall working for a previous agency where I did not have the ability to take time off every time, for example, my oldest daughter had a mid-late afternoon sporting event. I still regret not always being there, yet, it was impossible to get to every event. And I had clients that relied on me to be served.

My point is more often than not, we do the best we can – not losing sight of what is most important and prioritizing the right things and people at the right times. I reflect on this often and with each passing year. “Spaceman” makes us mindful of all of this; nudging us to practice what they subtly preach –  whether you are in person or a galaxy away.