The Most Underrated Communications Platform Is Still…

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post here that declared the face-to-face platform as the most underrated in communications. Given a changing industry that has spawned new platforms since that post, my opinion has not changed and was affirmed today.

Our client, CARE House of Oakland County, hosted Elizabeth Smart at a sold-out fundraising luncheon. To prove once again that content really is king, the opportunity to see and hear Elizabeth Smart sold out this charity event for the first time in 16 years.

While we’re proud that the event received significant news coverage, it was something you really had to see to experience. Even via Skype, there would be no way to replicate what it felt like to be in that room as Elizabeth told her story, in frightening and chilling detail, of her abduction and nine month time of enslavement. For more than an hour, a ballroom of 360 attendees gave its undivided attention. Nobody was doodling on paper in front of them. Not a single email was checked or text message sent (not even by me).

There is nothing like a compelling speech to hold attention, tell a story and deliver a message. It’s an afternoon that nobody there will ever forget. That only could have been accomplished by in a speech by a talented, passionate and captivating speaker.

We love tweets, status updates, news articles, blogs, emails, newsletters and ads. We recommend combining as many platforms as possible into a campaign. But there is nothing like a speech to jog the brain, touch the heart and create a memory.