The Myths and Truths Of How PR Can Support Fundraising

myth-stampNonprofit organizations are, generally speaking, good PR clients. They typically appreciate the value we add to their communications programs and understand that if they don’t communicate their message to their audiences, they could face serious trouble.

So when the Planned Giving Roundtable of Southeast Michigan asked us to present at their recent Development Day, a gathering of fundraising professionals and managers from top nonprofits, we immediately said “yes” and started working on program we thought would benefit attendees. We came up with “The Myths and Truths About How PR Can Support Fundraising” and I had the privilege of presenting it.

Here are the myths, all real misconceptions we have heard over the years from real clients:

• We have a “great cause.” We’ll attract press and we’ll raise money.

• We need A LOT of press releases to tell our story.

• If we call a press conference, the media will come.

• Most of what we do is newsworthy because we have an important mission.

• We have a PR firm so we don’t need to do anything.

• We have social media accounts, so we can “crowdsource” and raise money.

• News coverage sells tickets for events.

• We have an anniversary, black tie gala, golf outing or walk. So that’s news.

• Donors will support us because they’re afraid of what could happen if we cease to exist.

To find out the truths, watch a video of the session here. We appreciate the positive feedback we have received about this session from the members of the Planned Giving Roundtable and hope it will help you too.