Twitter Report – Week One

It’s been a week since I got online with another “social networking” tool that is supposed to represent the future of media.  I’m on Twitter.  Check me out at mattfrieds if you’re on too.  Tanner Friedman colleagues Kristin Priest and Kaylee Hawkins are also on there.

After a week, I think Twitter has a lot of potential as another way to tell stories and deliver messages, in “real time” while engaging in two-way dialogue.  It’s simply another way to connect, stay in front of your audiences and have some fun.  For me, comments thus far have ranged from professional to sports commentary to a little personal.  But I’m still getting the hang of it.  If that sounds “random” that’s what Twitter is really all about.  We always say that “people do business with people” – so being online in a forum like this gives your business contacts a sense of you, as a person.

The best of Twitter so far?  News organizations like the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, MLive and even the basketball beat writers at the Syracuse Post-Standard that frequently “tweet” with news headlines and links. That’s going to be a great way to get my news fix in a hurry.

The worst of Twitter so far?  A businessperson I ran across whose updates just consisted of professional bragging and boasting, without links.  Just seemed like an ego stroke.

One last note – I would probably have more going on if the “Find People” feature wasn’t “temporarily disabled.”  This has been the case for days.  Come on Twitter! If you are supposed to be the hottest form of communications out there, you should let your users easily grow their networks.