What’s Next for 910 AM Superstation?

Listeners turning in to 910 AM Superstation this weekend were no doubt checking and rechecking the radio dial position and time of day, greeted by ESPN radio, normally a station overnight staple. Bit by bit information has trickled out that the regular format – at one time billed as the “The Voice of Detroit” and home to a wide range of talented journalists, commentators and show hosts largely focused on community – is no more.

Over the years, WFDF-910 AM Detroit has experienced many iterations, formats and owners. Most recently, Cumulus sold the station to ABC, Inc. (Disney) in 2002 with Kevin Adell purchasing the property in 2015, creating 910 AM Superstation amid fanfare and heavy promotion. Late Friday night, WWJ/Fox-2 anchor/reporter Charlie Langton tweeted of a pending format change with the station’s future now unknown – albeit with much speculation.

In a world where radio stations regularly change formats and personalities, 910 AM in many ways stood the overall test of time. Many show hosts did come and go but the station continued on for nearly 10 years, providing a forum for the African American community and the overall Metro Detroit area at large.

During that time we were treated to the voices and opinions of such talents as Karen Dumas, Mark S. Lee, Angela Moore, Bankole Thompson, Nolan Finley, Kelly Cobb and Andre Ash (and many more) – and their guests; often leaders in the business, non-profit, government and entrepreneurial realms. There is left now a void in the marketplace for such a variety of conversations and airing of information, advice and concerns.

What’s next for 910? Might Adell sell the radio station as he did earlier this year with his TV property WADL-TV?  What will the next format be? And for the many show hosts? Perhaps moves to other terrestrial radio properties or podcasting and other platforms. The talent is there and the demand for continued community dialogue remains great. Don’t touch that dial. There is much more to come after the break.