A Decade of Change

10 years ago today, I began taking my career in a new direction.

Even though I had worked in a wide variety of communications roles, literally ever since I was a kid, 10 years ago today I began giving “PR agency work” a “try.” The good news is, I think, I made the right call.

Upon reflection, I would like to share just a few of the changes I’ve seen in the public relations business and the media over the last decade, as technology and evolving platforms have put their stamp on our every day:

*In 1998, our primary line of communication to media was the fax machine. Reporters at one of Detroit’s two daily newspapers did not have company email addresses
*Detroit commercial radio had three AM stations offering local talk programming
*CNN had local bureaus around the country covering local stories with national impact.
*The primary way for clients to tell their own stories, unfiltered, was through printed brochures
*When the media needed a photo of a client to include in a print story, it had to be sent via U.S. mail or delivered by a courier

Now, I wonder, on May 4, 2018, how will I be telling you about the changes in the business since today?