A Plea To Newspapers

Even when it’s time to “unplug” I can’t. I’ll admit it. I’m an Information Junkie. I love my daily newspaper and the feeling I get from staying on top of the news.

But last week, while enjoying a spectacular vacation in Northern Michigan, I went a full nine days without reading a paper. That may have been the first time since I learned to read that I went that long. And, as a “TV guy,” the only television I watched all week was Tiger Baseball. But, I still kept up.

Every morning and every evening, I got my news and weather information online. In between, I checked headlines on my cell phone’s mini-browser. I didn’t miss a thing.

I still love my paper and it felt great to pick it up when I got back. But it’s the information I can’t live without, anywhere. Please – daily newspapers – figure out a way to make make money via your online platforms. Local journalism can’t die just because more people – including us die-hards – can live without the paper.