CBS News Makes A Good Call

Yes, I have let CBS News have it in this blog, from time to time, because of missed opportunities and dubious decisions on the CBS Evening News.  But, as always, we like to recognize good media and communications decisions and, today, CBS made one.

Byron Pitts, a colleague of mine in the mid-90s at Atlanta’s WSB-TV, will now appear regularly on 60 Minutes, one TV news program that is holding its own in the new environment.  It was evident nearly 15 years ago, when I started working with him, that Byron had outstanding skill as a reporter, a writer and a communicator.  He’s one of those pros who “make it look easy.”

According to a story in one of the New York papers, he had been asking for 10 years to be a part of the program. Now that he has, 60 Minutes viewers will benefit.  And CBS’ leadership deserves credit for taking an “old” show and infusing it with some younger talent.