Detroit Lions: Do What I Say or What I Do?

In recent days, the Detroit Lions have taken the phrase, “Do as I say and not as I do” and laid it on its ear.

To end the frustrating 8-year tenure of General Manager Matt Millen, Bill Ford Jr. conceded publicly, when asked, that there was nothing he had the authority to do, yet, his father, William Clay Ford, followed through with what his son said he would do (if he had that authority).

Wide receiver Roy Williams Jr., on the other hand, continues to say one thing while doing another. Off the field, he repeatedly tells reporters that, while frustrated, he wants to remain a Detroit Lion. His on-the-field demeanor, meanwhile, continues to sinks to new lows—from miscommunication with his QB and blown routes to dropped balls and unprofessional, animate gestures—including kicking at a short pass and throwing off his gloves during last weekend’s embarrassing loss to the Bears.

Both Ford Jr. and Williams are united, it would seem, in the “end” while utilizing different “means”; with both obviously working to affect some type of change. At this writing, Williams is the subject of rumored trade talks with everyone from the Dallas Cowboys to the San Francisco 49ers.

Soon, it appears, Roy Williams, like Mr. Ford, may get his true wish.