"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" Coverage

Across Social Media, I’ve seen news consumers complaining about the volume of coverage, more than a week later, on the death of  Michael Jackson.  Many seem frustrated and seem to wish they could do something about it.  Actually, they can.

Once upon a time, middle-aged white men sat in smoke-filled rooms and made decisions about what their audience “needs to know.”  But, now, the mainstream news media is becoming more democratic, as it evolves.  News organizations tell us that they watch very closely which stories get “clicked” and which ones don’t.  Editors tend to want more coverage of the topics that get viewed on news sites.

So, if you have had enough Jackson coverage – here’s how to voice your opinion to decision-makers.  Don’t view the stories online.  You could also turn the channel on the TV or radio, but unless you have a Nielsen meter on your TV or carry around an Arbitron meter, TV and radio stations won’t know.

As Don notes in the blog below, Jackson content is riding a wave right now.  You will continue to see and hear a lot of it in the days and weeks to come. But, unlike big celebrity stories past, you actually now have a small, but direct, say in how long this lasts.