Health Care Panel Reveals Communications Need

I was honored to represent Tanner Friedman on a Health Care communications panel today, hosted by the Detroit Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

This is a pivotal time for the Health Care industry in our country and it’s clear, after today’s panel, that communications will make the difference for any entity in that industry trying to compete. Tanner Friedman represents several leading Health Care clients and, today, I had the opportunity to talk about the “3 Cs” that combine to create a need for enhanced communications in Health Care:

-Clutter – there are many competitors flooding media with their overlapping messages
-Confusion – all of a sudden, consumers must pay for Health Care and are confused about how it all works, how they fit in and what the future holds, even while they have access to unprecedented information
-Choices – consumers are driving Health Care, empowered more than ever before

It was refreshing to hear fellow panelists concur with our multiplatform approach to communications. With Health Care, the imperative now is to communicate every day, to every audience, in every way.