Kilpatrick Scandal: Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

This week’s events surrounding Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick recall both the fallout surrounding the recent release of baseball’s “Mitchell Report” and an old episode of the television program: “To Tell The Truth.” In this case, however, the stakes are much higher.

As we counsel our clients at Tanner Friedman: Don’t lie; particularly not in a forum as high-profile and official as a court of law. Kilpatrick was quick to issue a statement showing contrition for his personal indiscretions but it was too little and far too late. Thinking about admitting wrong-doing? Do so before lying about it under oath.

If there are any positives to be found in this embarrassing and expensive mess, it is this: For once, the mayor appears to actually be taking responsibility for his personal indiscretions. Next comes the hard part—ramifications from his public, legal misdeeds.