Let The Corporate Bullies Beat Themselves Up

As I began writing this blog I discovered that November marks both national and international anti-bullying days. Synchronicity perhaps?

As a member of the corporate world for more than two decades, I have long since left behind the days of the school yard and the bullies who often roamed there, preying upon innocent victims.  Still, we all must unfortunately encounter the mean-spirited of the business world from time to time – those that use not their fists but their position or station in life to psychologically badger and belittle.

Such individuals don’t try to steal your lunch money but, rather, your dignity. They threaten not with physical size but, quite often, with your job. The corporate bully intimidates and extorts and seeks to rule the roost just like his grade school counterpart (and with a similar I.Q.).

The funny thing is, these people, we know well from Psychology 101, are actually cowards. They seek to strike fear because they themselves are insecure and fearful, ill-equipped to lead or manage people. Rather, they actually seem to enjoy chaos, confrontation and conflict.

Of course, the best way to deal with the corporate bully is not to lower yourself to their level. Rather, professionalism and decorum are the wooden stakes and silver crosses to these vampires of the boardroom – a methodology by which you can preserve your reputation (and sanity) while, over time, they ruin theirs with a permanent, self-inflicted black eye.