Michael Vick's Actions Infamous, Tragic

I’ve written here previously about how often we toe the line between unsubstantiated accusations of wrongdoing and front page headlines. Barry Bonds is one such example, I would argue, of an individual who has been largely deemed guilty in the court of public opinion.

And then there is Michael Vick.

This time, investigators, law enforcement officials and the media were spot on. Vick’s name will be forever vilified and sullied, and rightly so. What he supported and participated in—the brutal torture and murder of helpless animals for money and “sport”—is beyond reprehensible. Here’s the latest from ESPN.

Also tragic is the fall from grace of yet another talented athlete and hero to millions of young people.

Soon, Vick will trade Falcons red and black for prison orange. He will pay his debt to society. The wounds he has deeply inflicted, however, will not soon heal.