Mojo, MC Hammer, Ken Cockrel Utilize Social Im(media)te

Still wondering whether social mediums Facebook and Twitter are just a passing fad? Consider a couple of high-profile postings/tweets from this week alone.

As reported in today’s Detroit News, Channel 95-5 Morning Host Mojo got into it this week, first on-the-air, with MC Hammer. After a radio interview in which he bristled over the topic turning to finances, Hammer went to his Twitter page, called Mojo a “coward” and suggested to A&E (which is airing Hammer’s new reality series) that they pull all ads from the radio station. Mojo, in turn, replied on his Twitter page: “Take a look at the ratings for our show before you make an emotional decision.”

Earlier in the week, much was written in the press about City Councilwoman Monica Conyer’s being locked out of her office, supposedly, she implied, by the returning Ken Cockrel. Cockrel’s mayoral aide Dan Cherrin took to his Facebook account to post a link to a story which quoted Cockrel disputing such claims.

Ahh, social media. Providing anyone the ability to “broadcast” to its constituency any place and any time. There’s never been anything like it.