No Surprise To Us: Internet News Growing

A new study is detailing how consumers are getting their news and it shouldn’t be surprising- it’s online. Tanner Friedman’s clients are learning that getting their message out via a traditional news outlet’s web site is good for their business. But that seems to be “breaking news” to the people who run local media outlets. That has to change.

It seems the national news outlets are getting the most of the increased online traffic, though. Why? They are investing in content that lends itself to the web platform, not just repurposing content online.

Here’s an important quote from the story in “Editor and Publisher” – the trade publication that reports on the study, “The Shorenstein report says that part of the reason local media isn’t seeing the jumps in traffic that national outlets are is because they were slow to respond to the shift in readership.”

Local news outlets need to understand this, loud and clear and right now, your customers depend on your content. They just want it delivered differently. And, as the saying goes, the time to learn that “is yesterday.”