Pettitte Admission A Start in Mitchell Report Aftermath

It appears New York Yankees star pitcher Andy Pettitte has borrowed a page from the Jason Giambi playbook and taken some responsibility for his actions, admitting he took human growth hormone (HGH) while recovering from an elbow injury in 2002. In a statement released by his agent, Pettitte apologized for his “error in judgment,” indicating he was “looking to heal” not “looking for an edge” while on the disabled list.

According to the Mitchell Report, Pettitte received 2-4 injections over a 2-day period by Yankee trainer Brian McNamee.

Is this the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? We’ll never know. Pettitte’s DL recovery argument, however, would seem to have legitimacy. His apology and explaination are wise moves as he begins the most difficult rehabilitation of his career.