Podcast Power: Time to Move from Concept to C-Suite

As we continue to work and live through self-isolation, technology becomes more and more prevalent in allowing us to stay connected. Resource-providing live webinars and town halls continue to rule this day yet new research shows that more are looking to increasingly popular podcasts to communicate news and perspectives, through platforms that allow for listening and consuming any time of the day or night.

Edison Research recently released their 2020 annual “Infinite Dial” survey, a comprehensive research study of Americans 12+ and their audio listening habits. The report shows interest in podcasts continuing to trend upward:

  • More than one-third of Americans (104 million) listen to a podcast regularly
  • On average, weekly podcast listening is up to nearly 6.5 hours (almost an hour a day)
  • Weekly podcast listeners consume, on average, up to 6 podcasts a week
  • Monthly podcast consumers have grown 16% year over year, cresting to 100 million Americans for the first time.

While most may might think that in-car listening constitutes the greatest category of podcast users, in reality, at-home, focused listening continues to lead the pack – and it’s growing – with some 62% of American homes now utilizing home voice assistance technology such as Alexa and Siri. Also of note is demographic data by gender, which saw male monthly podcast consumption going from 36% to 39% and female consumption jumping from 29% to 36%.

As the power, flexibility and reach of the podcast continues to grow, our firm continues to explore ways for our clients to utilize this medium in important and efficient ways. That has included the creation of a podcast (with collaborator Jon Gay of JAG in Detroit Podcasts) with Dr. Paula Kliger and her partner Lori Blumenstein-Bott. A year after the release of Dr. Kliger’s book on self-discovery and mindfulness, “We Are Human First,” the similarly named podcast has brought listeners additional and timely expertise on everything from corporate leadership to coping with holiday stress in succinct and well-produced 20-30 minute episodes. The show just won an International Hermes Creative Gold Award.

Information key audiences need, provided regularly for consumption when it is most convenient for those audiences to listen. And, these can be recorded anytime and any place. It is the beauty of the podcast. Not a podcast listener? Remember, in marketing it’s not necessarily about you — it’s about where your key audiences go for to be informed. Might it be time for your organization to think about bringing a chair (and a microphone) to the table of this growing medium?