The Future of Information In the Palm of Your Hand

We are still trying to stay on top of every significant trend in communications and, now, we have run across a growing one that is worth sharing with you.  It is becoming more common to see services that actually connect your cell phone’s camera to information.

A new example was just announced this week. Barnes & Noble has launched an iPhone “app” to allow users to search for and buy books online.  And here’s something cool… let’s say you see a book on someone’s shelf or on a coffee table – just take a picture of its cover with your cell phone camera and use the “app” to view reviews, get customer ratings and find and reserve a copy at the closest store.  

It’s part of technology being marketed by a company called LinkMe Mobile. We have some contacts there and we’ll share details as they are rolled out. In the meantime, next time you pick up your cell phone, make sure you know how to use its camera.  That will be one of your information tools in the months and years to come.