Tiger Woods And His Road To Recovery

And so the saga of Tiger Woods continues. Since Matt first blogged about the topic several days ago, much has happened. Woods finally did the right thing—admitting his “transgressions” and apologizing to his family and fans—albeit far too late. 

As Matt indicated, effectively managing adversity means being proactive and telling the truth, early and often. Instead, as he avoided police and the media, the tabloids went digging and what might have been a couple day story has turned into a weeklong crisis where scandal forced him to finally come clean; and not on his terms.

Tanner Friedman discussed what’s what and what should be next for Woods this morning on the WDIV-TV Channel 4 Morning Show.

So, what IS next for Tiger Woods? He has a few days reprieve, where public perception is concerned, as he spends time with this family. Eventually, though, in order to continue down the road to brand/image recovery, he is going to have to come out from behind his mansion walls and written statements. He’ll need to take the painful next step of going on-camera and behind the microphone (calling Barbara Walters), perhaps with wife in tow, to publicly address his failings. He needs to express contrition, with honesty, and then demonstrate his words with actions and how he lives his life, moving forward.

The world (including fans and sponsors) is watching, Tiger, whether you like it or not. Time to do the right thing.