Twitter More Valuable As Communications Tool

For the past several months, like many others, I have been experimenting with the “social networking” tool that has piqued the curiosity of many communicators.  Twitter is supposed to be a 140 character or less snapshot of “what you are doing right now.”  But, in a very short time, it has become much more.

One of my favorite features is the news feeds that so many media outlets have started.  These days, no matter how busy I am, I can check Twitter and have headlines “pushed” to me from news organizations in the form of Twitter posts for quick and easy updates.  It’s an easy to way get my news fix.

This week, I also first-hand discovered a valuable Twitter experience – the community that is forming online.  I bought an “Aircard” from my wireless provider to use when I’m at client locations or traveling and, after a few days, was having trouble with it.  I put up a Twitter post about it and also searched recent posts and, in the process, made two connections which led to sound advice.  One trip to the store yesterday seems to have done the trick – thanks, in large part, to Twitter.

Sure, there’s plenty of chatter on there about how great Fridays are, how awful cold weather is and cryptic communication between members.  But, there’s also up-to-the-minute news, insights and some entertaining dialogue.  What there isn’t, of course, is advertising or any sign of revenue.  How long will Twitter last without taking in money?   

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