What Will Be Facebook's Next Big Thing?

Subsequent to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement last week that his company would be “launching something awesome” tomorrow (Wednesday July 6th), there has been much speculation as to what that ‘something’ might be.  Ed Oswald of PC World offers some possible options:

  • A development platform dubbed “Project Spartan”that is based in HTML5 and supported across several platforms
  • A native app that would would finally commit Facebook to the iPad platform
  • A new photo-sharing application designed to go above and beyond upstarts Instagram, Path and Color
  • A partnership with Skype on Video Chat

The latter is particularly intriguing given that Microsoft purchased Skype very recently and Microsoft and Facebook are chummy. Such a partnership would allow Skype instant access to Facebook’s 750 million users while making Microsoft’s $8 billion investment in the company all the more meaningful.

Or maybe we are all off the mark, novices and experts alike, and Facebook will once again “wow” us with the “next big thing” that none of us anticipated but are always expecting.