Why Good PR People Can Do Social Media

After spending much of the past two days with clients discussing how Social Media can be a part of their communications strategies, it’s apparent how much confusion on the subject there is “out there.”  Still, too many are claiming to be “Social Media Experts” when many of us acknowledge that there’s no such thing yet. Even with daily “Top 5 Ways Social Media Can Help Your Business” lists, and some bona fide success stories, nobody can claim true expertise.   So while expertise may be unattainable claim, experience makes as much of a difference in these platforms as it does with any other.

So if you’re confused and need advice on how to put all of these tactics you know about into a strategy, PR professionals are a good first stop.  Why?  Here are a couple of reasons why “Good PR People” can also make good Social Media strategists:

-We know how to tell a story

-We can craft a message, then tailor it

-We’re used to having to work quickly, in “real time”

-We have always stressed “quality over quantity” when evaluating a campaign’s reach.  We know how to use our gut, rather than spreadsheets, to understand an audience

-We have always relied on our networks to get things done

To underscore these points, I share this recent article from Fast Company magazine about “The Greatest Marketing Campaign of All Time.”  Hyperbole?  Probably.  But some great lessons.  Namely – great stories are what get traction in a “viral” world.  Think about it. Of all the content that comes your way via email, Facebook, Twitter and blogs – what do you forward?  Only the best.  Also – your opportunity to create Social Media content, rather than just read it, is significant because very few users actually do it.

PR people should “get” this stuff.  That’s why we, as a profession, are largely leading the way in this booming arena of communications.