Brett Favre Sears TV Commercial Renders Reputation Repair

Over the course of the past year, I have criticized Brett Favre on two separate occasions. A year ago, I was disappointed, as were many, in how he handled his changing role with the Packers and eventual exit to the New York Jets. I stand by that blog.  However, more recently, as he again waffled on his future (this time regarding a role with the Minnesota Vikings),  I again questioned the future Hall of Famer for remarks and actions that seemed to underscore the time worn saying about there being “no ‘I’ in ‘team’.” This time, I admit, I was wrong.

Since joining the Vikings several weeks ago, Brett Favre has done nothing but demonstrate class and his trademark “cool” under pressure. Almost from the onset of donning his purple jersey, there were numerous reports of unrest in the Minnesota locker room as players, evidently, took sides and exception to the older newcomer. Favre’s first exhibition season performance, not soon after, was abysmal. Still, he never flinched. He was there to work hard and help the team win, he said repeatedly, while shrugging off (if not ignoring entirely) any questions of civil strife.

Yesterday, while enjoying college football, came the piece de resistance; the icing on the cake that demonstrates, I think, Favre’s true character: a television commercial—for Sears. In it, Favre is attempting to decide whether he wants to purchase a particular widescreen TV. “I’ll take it,” he tells the salesperson. After a brief pause he “waffles”: “I don’t know.”

Perhaps it is the recommendation of a savvy agent looking to help his client revive a former idolatry. Regardless, Favre’s willingness (or decision) to, in essence, make fun of himself and address his detractors and recent travails with humor is nothing short of brilliant. It is entertaining and endearing. Is it genuine? I think we should give Brett Favre a free pass on that one.