Building The Woodward Dream Cruise Brand

So just how exactly does one go about building upon one of the world’s biggest events? The starting point is making sure you have an understanding of and appreciation for the event’s history, culture and participants. From that foundation, you look for ways to make the event and brand resonate even further.

As with any successful enterprise, the Woodward Dream Cruise continues to evolve; its reputation grow. With Tanner Friedman serving as the Executive Director Team since January 14th of this year, we decided to start at the event’s very coreā€”its official logo. For the first time, the logo has been designed by long-time automotive designer, Dick Ruzzin, who possesses a great, life-long love of cars and cruisin.’

The end of many months of hard work, is a new, signature piece of automotive artwork, unveiled this week along with a brand-new website, that comes from the heart and soul; something automotive enthusiasts (like those at can truly appreciate.