Detroit Pistons Player Mutiny is Shameful

Usually I try to temper my opinions with as high a degree of professionalism as possible.  However, where the Detroit Pistons are concerned, I simply can’t hold my tongue, in particular in the advent of events this week between literally half the team and Head Coach John Kuester. In a word: It is a ‘disgrace.’

Admittedly, I am not well-versed in today’s NBA world of guaranteed contracts and egotistical, hard to manage players; actually it’s largely because of the latter that I don’t waste my time watching (and I know I’m not alone – just ask any college basketball purist). Yet, I would like to see the league come down hard on the players that chose yesterday to abandon their team and, in essence, throw a game. I know the NFL would.

Obviously, there is immense turmoil in the Detroit Pistons’ locker room which appears to be centered around Rip Hamilton that has been brewing for some time. One would hope that Joe Dumars and David Stern would work together to nip this thing in the bud, off  the court, once and for all with dialogue and action. Fine someone. Suspend players without pay. And, guaranteed contracts be damned, cut someone and appeal to the league on compensation commitments based on derelict of duty.

One would also hope that these spoiled millionaires realize how they are bastardizing the game and their legacies. They are supposed ‘role models’ who should be ashamed of themselves. Get out there and do your job for those in the stands who pay your outrageous salaries. If you don’t respect yourselves enough to do the right thing, at least show respect for the fans, authority and the game. And if that doesn’t resonate, how about showing respect for your six teammates who gave their all to the point of exhaustion last night against Philadelphia. They also deserve better.