Engaging vs. Disengaged

I recently learned of an incredible, on-going program put forth by accounting/consulting giant KPMG designed specifically to communicate to former employees.

I have never heard anything like this outside of a university alumni program; yet, KPMG, recognizing that upwards of 30% of new business is referred by one-time firm professionals, regularly and continuously reaches out to these individuals—keeping them informed and engaged. Incredible!

By stark contrast I also just heard of another professional services firm that, in a recent week, attempted to limit direct contact with clients only to upper management. This misguided experiment in ego and control failed miserably; resulting in confused and upset clients and firm personnel and a bottleneck in workflow.

This not so visionary organization, of course, could never hope to embark on an initiative as innovative as KPMG’s. Afterall, how can this company engage former employees when said personnel is already disengaged while still in their employ?