Now, PR Is The Story

Rarely, is a public relations program, or lack thereof, considered news on its own. But that is exactly the case now in Detroit.

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, after six years in office and at least six spokespeople/PR advisors, has so many media relations issues, that the regional news outlets now reporting about how he and his adminstration handle the media.

In short, the Mayor’s office has few, if any, sound media relationships. His only “friendly” interview during the scandal, so far, is with a radio host reported to be a personal friend of his wife. With each passing day, the stories get worse and the Mayor digs himself into a deeper media relations hole.

Tanner Friedman was asked to analyze the situation for NBC affiliate WDIV-TV. The story led a recent 6pm newscast on the station. To watch, click this link.