PR 101—Anything But Elementary

As anyone in public relations or marketing knows, one of the most basic of communications tools is the personnel announcement—a new person joins your company so you take their photo, write a press release and send it out to various media for publication. Simple, right?

Yet, many companies fail to completely think through all of the dynamics related to how a new hire should be properly brought on board.

It is not uncommon for a business to wait 90-days before announcing a personnel addition, just as they would award full-time benefits. From there, it might be another several weeks before the individual is then added to the company’s website. At Tanner Friedman, we take a different view—we are proud of every individual that joins our firm and announce them (via media and the web) within days.

I recall hearing of one company that took the road most commonly traveled plus two steps back. When new full-timers were brought on board at a particular salary, they were often informed that they would be “hourly” for the first 90-days. It was semantics, really, yet, the primary owners, rather than demonstrating confidence to the new employee, chose instead to dangle the full time designation carrot; attempting, I suppose, to “motivate” by fear. Further, it might be many more months before they were, subsequently, formally announced to the outside world.

Rather, to motivate you need to celebrate a new individual, internally and externally. A happy, appreciated employee not only brings fresh, new ideas, perspectives and creativity to an organization, they are your best ambassadors; IF they, themselves, are greeted with open arms and open minds.