Should Tony Hayward Get A Father's Day Pass?

hayward_wilson-420x0I know, I know, it’s easy to kick someone when they are down. And can you really fault someone—anyone—for taking time off to be with their son—in particular on a Father’s Day weekend? All of that said, will wonders never cease in the BP disaster?

The latest gaffe by soon to be outgoing British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward is all over the news media this morning as, reportedly, Hayward returned home to  England over the weekend to watch is 52-foot, $700,000 yacht, “Bob” complete in JP Morgan’s (and did it have to be them?) annual race around the Isle of Wight.

In recent days the embattled head of the oil giant has continued to spew forth a series of ridiculous comments, including his desire to cap the well so that he could: “Get (his) life back.”

On-site, in-charge, focused solely on the task at-hand. For better or worse, THAT is what we want to see from our leaders in the wake of crisis.  In the Gulf, then, we expect—demand—rolled up sleeves, work boots, five o-clock shadows and sweat pouring down brows. Those in charge working side by side, tirelessly, relentlessly, with engineers and clean up crews. We want to hear dedication to resolution in actions and words.

No one should fault Tony Hayward for spending time with family or even for taking a day off—if only he and his company conducted themselves differently the other 6 days of the week as this terrible (un)natural disaster stretches into unfathomable weeks and months.