Traditional Media: Still A Factor Until Further Notice

We at Tanner Friedman are spending more of our time working with “new media” than ever before.  That probably doesn’t surprise you.  While we value the options that emerging methods of communications bring our clients, it can be easy to talk about traditional media in the past tense.  While, it’s important to remember that traditional media, even over new delivery platforms, are still reaching audiences and still require skill, experience and know-how if you want to have a successful PR program.

I was reminded strongly of this today, when a journalist from an established outlet asked some questions of one of our clients.  The questions prompted a long and challenging strategy session and reminded me that, even with media consumption and delivery changing quickly, the old “power of the press” is still a strong factor – among several – in shaping reputation.

So, until further notice, traditional media is still a factor.  We are working hard to blend “the old and the new” to create effectiveness.  While focusing on one, you shouldn’t completely count out the other.