Want To Fill A Room? Talk Social Media

We’re frequently asked about how to draw a crowd at an event. The stereotypical answers include free food and celebrity appearances. But, lately, the answer seems to be simply putting a sound discussion about Social Media on the agenda.

Last week, my colleagues Don Tanner and Kristin Priest spoke to a packed house at a local business group, providing insight on Social Media. Today, I was honored to be among three speakers at CBS Radio’s “Laptop Lunch” put together by all-news WWJ-AM.

CBS Detroit’s Technology Editor Matt Roush provides details in this account. Check out his story to read the advice provided by all three speakers today – applicable for anyone trying to find the business upside of Social Media. The event exceeded attendance expectations.

There is a tremendous amount of curiosity, confusion and insecurity about Social Media across all industries and skill levels. That’s because the technology and applications are changing so quickly, after years (if not generations) of communications predictability. Businesspeople and consumers alike are hungry for insights, recommendations and explanations.

I still don’t think there’s such thing as a “Social Media Expert.” Something this new and fast-changing doesn’t lend itself to true expertise – at least not yet. But those of us who communicate all day and all night long appreciate the opportunity to share best practices and learn what the questions are. Discussions like this help emerging media evolve and that’s positive for all of us online.