With New Hulk Movie Be a "Smash?"

That’s the $100,000 question that everyone is asking—from fanboys to movie moguls alike—just days before the opening of the new summer blockbuster (it is hoped, at least). Will Ed Norton’s take on the Incredible Hulk pump up box office receipts or wimp out ala the fictional alter-ego Dr. Banner?

Foxnews.com examines, along with perspectives from Tanner Friedman, what went wrong with the 2004 version of the green mean machine as well as what has resonated with audiences in more successful super hero big screen adaptations.

One could add, from both a research and marketing standpoint, that smart movie makers reach out to their fan base (via Comicons, online forums and blogs) today more than ever for input and direction. In turn, movies that work stem from great stories that capture the history and essence of a particular hero as well as initial “buzz” generated by fans “wowed” by compelling trailers and savvy promotion.