Yankees Win (PR) World Series

My longtime disdain for the New York Yankees is well known to my friends and colleagues who engage me in sports conversation. But, professionally, I have to give credit where credit is due. When it comes to public relations and stealing the media spotlight, the Yankees are on top.

Right now, baseball is headed to its marquee event – the World Series. The Yankees’ rivals – the Red Sox and Indians – are playing a Championship Series game as I write this entry. But, through a skillful and deliberate PR strategy, the Yankees are the biggest story in baseball and in sports.

It’s no coincidence that the Joe Torre negotitations and the A-Rod “line in the sand” all hit the media during this Boston-Cleveland series. The Yankees’ off-season became THE story while their rivals played the biggest games of the season. It’s almost as if the actual games are a distraction for the sports media, like ESPN and of course, the New York tabloids.

Then, there’s the kicker. They make Joe Torre an offer he COULD refuse, so he looks like he’s walking away. I hate to say it – but all hail the PR Champs.