"Young Professionals" Get It

Thank you to FusionĀ  Detroit for allowing me to speak tonight to an engaged group of “young professionals” at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s headquarters. My co-presenter was Tim Smith, President of Skidmore Studio and an expert in graphic design and brand development. Our topic was “Marketing, Branding and Blogging.”

The audience included dozens of Fusion members from a wide range of businesses, all of whom gave up their evenings to hear a discussion about the trends affecting marketing and communications. Most expressed strong interest in learning more about blogs and “social media” – even though all said they read blogs and participate in “social networking” (which is still a term that means different things to different people).

The rules are changing and the applications are evolving – but this group understands, loud and clear, that the way we all choose to get our information is far different from how it was just a few years ago. Now, corporate executives need to listen to those in their companies who are closest, as consumers, to the dramatic changes happening in communications – their “young professionals.” That will help businesses stay ahead of trends in telling stories and delivering messages rather than fall victim to them.