A Newspaper In Hand (& Many More On The Web)

Though I am purported to be a “dying breed,” each day I, along with millions of others around the world, read the morning papers, including the actual newsprint variety. That said, throughout the day I also go where more and more individuals go to get their print news—the web—for updates.

Everyone gathers and consumes news and information in different ways. Not everyone likes to have an actual newspaper, or magazine or book in hand. I do. But I am also open to new media and communications platforms. Many companies, when marketing themselves, focus only on what they (or more likely) their top executives read or view. Rather, you should want your company’s messages placed where your customers, clients and referral sources go. And, more and more, that is online, including high-profile blog sources such wsj.com, where you’ll find well-written (and well-read) articles on a range of topics.

Today, traditional and emerging media can also be incredibly complementary. A story appearing in a newspaper lives on, beyond the publication date and geographic limitations, through its searchable online link available to the world. Moreover, TV, radio and print media all work to drive their audiences to their respective websites for content only available there.

One such example is Palm Beach Post reporter Leslie Streeter’s “Accent” column, only available via the world wide web. And, while she refers to me as “Dan,” (join the club), cyberspace allowed us to connect for what lead to an interview on marketing and music, nearly in “real time,” which I am now sharing with you. It is the future. It is now.