Blogging 101

Just what is a blog exactly? I still hear that quite often. If you are a regular visitor to our Tanner Friedman blog, you probably have a pretty good idea. If not, then, perhaps not.

What a blog is not is one that I recently came across from another communications firm, no less.  Though it called itself a blog, it was nothing more than a listing of a couple of press releases detailing a few new client wins. Incredibly, it did not link to this firm’s website nor was it optimized for someone to locate it via search engines.

Rather, a blog (or, “web log”) is a brief online “monologue” providing the author’s perspectives and or opinions on particular topics. It can become a “dialogue” between blogger and reader when there is the ability, as with this blog, to post comments.

A blog can be an incredibly effective means, when done correctly, by which to engage an audience and build your brand; serving to demonstrate how you and your company works and thinks.  It should be updated regularly (at least a few times a week), be interesting, informational and also written to promote search engine activity.

So, now that you know, go out and make your blog a memorable one—and not a forgettable blah, blah, blah.