From The Experts: Here Are The Podcast Trends You Need To Know

To look back on the biggest week of the year in what may be the fastest-evolving form of media, we’re letting you into our network.
Those most in the know in podcasting were at the Podcast Movement conference in Denver last week, including three companies where we have relationships, including a media research firm, a podcast production company and a sports podcast powerhouse.
To help you get familiar with the trends they picked up on last week, we asked for their key takeaways from Podcast movement.
Jay Nachlis, Vice President/Consultant, Coleman Insights
“In part because the podcast industry has no shortage of analytics, it operates similar to a digital marketing agency. Always obsessing about the next download or feed. The short-term thinking trap can sometimes block podcasters from seeing the big picture and focusing on brand-building.
The convergence of audio and video was covered in multiple sessions, including our Coleman Insights/Amplifi Media study, ‘The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube.’ Consumer perceptions of what a podcast is and how they listen or watch don’t always sync up with perceptions of the industry. But for podcasting to continue to grow, it must brand build and understand broader consumer perceptions, not remain stuck in a world where podcasters themselves define what podcasting is.”
Jon Gay, Producer and Host, JAG In Detroit Podcasts:

“YOUTUBE: Every podcaster needs a YouTube strategy: While opinions remain divided on how exactly it will fit into the podcast ecosystem, YouTube has made strides to accommodate the podcasters who have embraced the platform.  Even if a podcast is audio-only, it needs to be available for consumption on YouTube.  While some ‘OG’ podcasters argue that YouTube’s technical specs do not make it a podcast(currently), it’s clear that consumers are…well…consuming on the platform.

AUTHENTICITY: You can’t fake it in podcasting.  If you rely exclusively on paid reach (for vanity or selling advertising), your organic reach and interaction will plummet, and you’ll be exposed as fraudulent. And while AI tools have a valuable place on shortening workflow, content that is too obviously AI created will drive away your audience.”


Matt Mallon, Director of Advertising Partnerships, Locked On Podcast Network

“The 2023 Podcast Movement in Denver demonstrated that the podcasting industry is insanely robust and flush with innovation and opportunity, as well as energetic and creative talent on all sides of the business. Those in attendance freely shared their knowledge and experience in ways that are both practical and inspiring. Overall, the hot topics were attribution, consumption (especially the growth of YouTube), programmatic (part of the revenue ecosystem – not the end-all), using tech to better understand audience trends, as well as a host of content focused topics.”


Bryan Goldmark, Head of National Sales, Locked On Podcast Network

This year’s Podcast Movement welcomed what felt like the widest net ever cast across creators, publishers, and advertisers that contribute and support the podcast industry. In years past, it felt like only the largest networks and sponsors participated in the conversation throughout the week, but not in 2023. This year, we heard from outstanding contributors that haven’t participated, or participated as significantly before; NASA, Betches Media, Coleman Insights – all of whom provided insightful looks into different areas of podcasting with fresh perspectives. All rallied around similar messages…the value of great content, emerging monetization opportunities, and the need for improved attribution.

It’s no surprise that programmatic advertising was another headlining narrative this year, as investment and adoption of this revenue channel continues to take foot in our industry. While last year the programmatic conversation was focused on education and adoption, this year’s message was clear: if you are not yet involved in programmatic, you are getting left behind. While everyone certainly has to figure out the best strategy to utilize this within their own business, it’s something that is here to stay.”